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Fluffy & Daisy -  is a short Erotic Visual novel about a sexy Princess getting into all kinds of kinky situations with her strange, but adorable tentacle monster! 
If you want something silly and sexy to play, this is perfect for you. ^^

About the characters

-- How to run the game --

1. Download either the "PC" or "Mac" folder.
2. A Zipped Folder will appear in your downloads called "FluffyDaisyvP1 .. etc".
3. Right click on that folder and select "Extract all". 
4. A little window will pop up asking where you would like to extract the files. You can now choose where you want to extract the folder too. A good place would be your desktop. When you have chosen a place click "extract".
5. When the files have extracted a new folder will appear with the same name as the downloaded one. Double click on it.
6. A single folder will show up, Double click on that.
7. After that you should see a few folders & files like the image below. Click on the application file (the one that's highlighted in the image) to run the game.

-- Message from the Dev --

I started developing this VN back in November 2018 and I've been working on and off since. I wanted to cover a couple of my fav fetishes in this and also give the player the options to do so.  Development was a bit slow since this was the first time I had used the Renpy games engine. But I saw this project through to the end! And now i'm very thirsty to make more. ~

I'd encourage you all to download the game first and give it a try out. If you enjoy it, consider supporting me by donating a $1 or so. I also have a Patreon page you can sign up to and get early builds/playtest the games i'm developing at the time.  -  https://www.patreon.com/DaisyPink71

If you like my art you can also find my work over at twitter - https://twitter.com/DaisyPink71

I also want to give a HUGE shoutout to my wonderful partner Burnup19 for helping me with the background art. 

Check out his work here - https://twitter.com/burnup19

Thanks for playing. <3


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Click download now to get access to the following files:

Fluffy and Daisy - PC 61 MB
Fluffy and Daisy - Mac 43 MB


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Came for the FAp

Stayed for the cuteness.

Thanks for the good experience!


Glad you enjoyed it. <3

Thanks for making this cute game! :D

I was expecting something more lewd xD

I like to keep the interactions between these two somewhat safer than usual. :)
I can guarantee you tho the next game i'm developing is going to be much more explicit. ^_^

that was really cute and funny X) daisy is super sexy XP thx so much for the good time!

Thank you so much! <3

ive never had any problems dling a game on this app but this just doesnt work.

(1 edit)

Hello, i'm really sorry you are having troubles running the game. I've added a step by step instructions to my page to help others if they are new to downloading games like this.

- One thing you might want to double check is if you have the right version (since there are both mac & pc options). 

- Another would be, you have to extract the files to your computer before you start playing it, as some of the files won't run in the zipped folder.

I hope this helps! Anymore troubles please just let me know. ^^

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yea ive learned that i actually have a unique problem, my grandmother passed and this laptop was one of the things she gave me and when i extract the files and try and move them to the proper folder to play it in the itch app it says somethin like you are tryin to alter sensitive files and it wants my late grandmas password 8/ i suppose im kinda screwed in that regard lol.  i really appreciate you responding though that was mighty cool of ya 8) have a good one,  and i wish i coulda played your game 8P

edit: for some reason i was under the impression you needed a third party app to play the game, but now that i see you instructions i see you dont! coolbeans, ima go play it right now! thx so much

No problem ^_^